You gotta love these guys for picking on someone their own size. It’s respect.

Kimbo vs. Tank.

David Lee ”Tank” Abbott:
– I have been the toughest guy around for a long, long time… I just didn’t put it on the Internet.


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Ultraman up against Ultraman Ace…

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You don’t need a bag for a dead hen.

You don’t need a bag for a dead hen
As I remember them, by the river in Hoi An. (My illustration).

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

The year of the rat is here to bring us a year relatively free of turbulence. It’s a year made for long-term investments. Time to hang out with friends and have fantastic dinners.

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A new year is coming up and Team Star Wars are having a kick off for a new secret project. The rumour says that it is a user content generated Facebook-killer.

The theme for the kick off is ”Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. Yoda gathers the eight competitors for dividing them into four smaller teams.

The Star Wars Team

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One of my favourite mixed martial arts, wrestling, boxing and grappling media personalities is Eddie Goldman.

Not only for the fact that he is the guy to listen to, to podcast, if you want to know all about what is going on in the world of MMA, but also for that he really cares about the fighters.
”Why are you being so soft on the athletes? Are they just meat? Do you not care if they die or not?”

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Read my guest blogging at Lotta Holmström’s Citizen Media Watch.

Gitta is guest blogging at Citizen Media Watch

It is an interview with Alf Fransson, a very hyper local blogger in Åsbro, Sweden.

I want to thank K for reminding me of this beautiful song…and this beautiful man ; ) Ryuichi Sakamoto is an old hero of mine.

Merry Christmas Mr and Ms!

There ought to be a word for when you find people on the web that are soulmates. That little feeling of happiness and relief. I am not alone!

Likeminds do make the world into a better place.
Why did it take this long for me to find Stephen Downes? And who is yet to be found?

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