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During this year, 2008, São Paulo will be celebrating 100 years of Japanese immigration.

One of the themes of the programme ”City of Knowledge”, Cidade do Conhecimento, at the University of São Paulo, the USP, is the history of the Japanese immigration, focusing on the Japanese women – myths and icons.

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My jaiku backdrop

The backdrop of my jaiku page is taken from this trip to the Banespa Tower in São Paulo, do Braziiiil

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You don’t need a bag for a dead hen.

You don’t need a bag for a dead hen
As I remember them, by the river in Hoi An. (My illustration).

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

The year of the rat is here to bring us a year relatively free of turbulence. It’s a year made for long-term investments. Time to hang out with friends and have fantastic dinners.

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