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During this year, 2008, São Paulo will be celebrating 100 years of Japanese immigration.

One of the themes of the programme ”City of Knowledge”, Cidade do Conhecimento, at the University of São Paulo, the USP, is the history of the Japanese immigration, focusing on the Japanese women – myths and icons.

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I am picky when it comes to choosing a low budget pen. It has to have those special qualities. The black ink should be smoothly running, but not leaking on paper or hand.

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I want to thank K for reminding me of this beautiful song…and this beautiful man ; ) Ryuichi Sakamoto is an old hero of mine.

Merry Christmas Mr and Ms!

I did take care of U and L’s flat when they were on their honeymoon in Japan. They brought a little pink friend back home to Sthlm.

This sun loving guy is made by NoHoHonZoku and belongs to the Hidamari No Tami (the Sunny People) and is so cool because it starts to move its head from one side to the other, when the sun or a lamp shines on its solar panel. It is totally nature friendly – no batteries.


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