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Kimbo Slice is the guy who got popular from his street fighting, shown on Youtube.

He is unproven as a professional fighter, but people are curious to see how good this hardworking heavyweight guy is in the cage. Some people even compares him with Mike Tyson.

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You gotta love these guys for picking on someone their own size. It’s respect.

Kimbo vs. Tank.

David Lee ”Tank” Abbott:
– I have been the toughest guy around for a long, long time… I just didn’t put it on the Internet.

One of my favourite mixed martial arts, wrestling, boxing and grappling media personalities is Eddie Goldman.

Not only for the fact that he is the guy to listen to, to podcast, if you want to know all about what is going on in the world of MMA, but also for that he really cares about the fighters.
”Why are you being so soft on the athletes? Are they just meat? Do you not care if they die or not?”

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I’ve moved my stuff

Ok. I have moved my blog. This is my new place for posting bits and pieces that passes through my life. Mostly stuff about storytelling, fighting and web/IT.

For the moment I am pretty amazed about the fact that Rocky, is going to become a musical that is based on the first Academy Award-winning picture which has a screenplay by Stallone him self.

The libretto will be made by Thomas Meehan. And according to Playbill Mehan says:
– It was made to be a musical. It’s got all the elements.

I wish them all the luck. In meantime I am trying to decide if it is a good idea or not?
I can see the Italian Stallion bursting out into a heartbreaking theme about love, fighting and life. But boxing and musicals… No, not really.

Rocky Balboa’s voice does not make me think about any music at all. But then again, boxing does. It makes the whole body sing.

I guess I have to get my self a ”ringside seat-ticket” and find out.