The future today will look very differently from tomorrow’s

Today, the Swedish web veteran, wiz uncle, business angel, investor in early stage tech startups like Videoplaza and Planeto, Joakim Jardenberg, wrote in his daily link report:

”Jag börjar bli väldigt, väldigt trött på undersökningar som ber folk skåda in i framtiden. Varför det liksom? Det händer ju här och nu. Studera dem på djupet, hitta de som är early adopters, så ser du vad majoriteten gör i morgon.”

Roughly translated: ”I am starting to get very, tired of researches where people are asked to look in to the future. Why? Things are happening here and now. Study it really deeply, find out who are the early adopters, this is what the majority of the people will do tomorrow.”

I think it is a sane-minded reaction. Since the future is too complex to predict and handle without the context of the progress, it is more efficient to look for the framework that early adopters are setting up right now. It might not be what the future is going to look like, but it is the context we are able to understand and to work within for the moment.

The early adopters have a profound belief that the way of entering the future, what ever it may look like, is to play around with, try things out, test things and look for patterns.

Go ask the early adopters what they are doing and you will see the future as we know it today.


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