”Do this fast every day and you will soon be as fat as Jonsy”

When storytelling is not about having a total control of the story. When user friendly is about having fun. When interactivity is about creativity.

Last weekend I found this Mad Libs book at a flee market. It lets you fill in the blank words.

His name might be Klas, the guy who used to own this book. My guess is that he was about 12 years old and that he did spend a holiday together with his parents at the Holiday Inn by the Nags Head Beach, North Carolina, USA. The hotel address and telephone number is written on the cover.

I guess that his parents wanted him to study English during the trip and bought this book, where the trick was to fill in the missing words.

Klas realized really quickly that he could fill out the blanks with any word that he wanted, as long as it was an adjective, adverb or noun. And he got really creative.

Do not underestimate the power of letting the user being able to twist and tweak the story.


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