A meeting at the Swedish Pulicist Club

At the mingle after a Swedish Publicist Club meeting.

Journalist: Hi Jocke, I really need to ask you about this social media thing.

Jocke: Yes, we were just talking about…

Journalist: I think it’s interesting, but I’m concerned about spending all my time on the web.

Jocke: No, you don’t…

Journalist: I need time to work on my long articles. How can I at the same time be forced to be on the web? My work is important and I need to be able to control my time. I can’t spend it all on the web.

Jocke: Yes…

Journalist: All those blogs I don’t have the time to read them all! And those comments.

Jocke: But you…

Journalist: It was nice meeting to you. I really want to hear more about this. We need to talk some more, ok!? Now I have to leave. Have to catch the last train. Bye!


  1. Haha! Nice chit-chat 😉

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