Team Star Wars are having a kick off for a new secret project

A new year is coming up and Team Star Wars are having a kick off for a new secret project. The rumour says that it is a user content generated Facebook-killer.

The theme for the kick off is ”Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. Yoda gathers the eight competitors for dividing them into four smaller teams.

The Star Wars Team

– For the fainthearted this wizard triathlon nothing is. The team who wins this contest eternal glory awaits. Three extremely dangerous tasks survive you must, Yoda speaks.

Queen Amidala is going to be the judge of the contest and tells them about the first task:
– You have to snatch the golden egg from the Swedish short snout dragon.

Dragon egg
The competitors were smart enough to put out the gas before getting the egg. Except from Chewbacca who was to eager to get the walnut before Anakin had found out how to stop the gas. He did get badly burnt.
– Curiosity not a sin is, Chewbacca. But exercise caution you should, Yoda, the source of all wisdom, says.

Chewbacca tries to get the profound meaning of the wisdom and comes to the conclusion:
– I can haz cheezbuger?

Chewbacca badly hurt
Because of the injury Queen Amidala does not want Anakin and Chewbacca to go on with the contest.

There will be only three teams proceeding to the next task, which is to dive in to the bathtub and release the team member who has been chosen to be tied under water.

By the bathtub
Every one but Darth Vader did manage to get their buddy out of the water. Darth Vader did not really seem to care whether Darth Maul died or not, which did disqualify him from taking further part in the contest.

There are only two teams left for the last task: to find the way through the black sock maze.
– The first person who the cup touches the winner will be, Yoda says and gives a warning to the remaining competitors before the start:
– You should all aware be. Lose your self in the maze you even can.

The black sock maze
R2-D2 and C-3PO are the only ones that are not affected by the mess in the drawer of socks and reaches simultaneously the cup. But they have read the book and refuses to touch it. They booth know that it actually is a port key.

The cup
– Excuse me Madam, but no thank you. Neither R2-D2 or I are fit to meet You-Know-Who… He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Queen Amidala are doing her best to convince this Asberger-android to go for it, but without no success. The contest has to be closed without a winner.

Yoda and Queen Amidala decides to get rid of the whole team and get a new staff.

– No one irreplaceable is, Yoda says, fires Amidala and hires Pingu instead.

Happy 2008!


  1. L.

    Brilliant. Happy new year!

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