Mr or Ms Hidamari No Tami did arrive from Tokyo

I did take care of U and L’s flat when they were on their honeymoon in Japan. They brought a little pink friend back home to Sthlm.

This sun loving guy is made by NoHoHonZoku and belongs to the Hidamari No Tami (the Sunny People) and is so cool because it starts to move its head from one side to the other, when the sun or a lamp shines on its solar panel. It is totally nature friendly – no batteries.


We decided to trough a welcome party for the new family member.


Everybody was a little bit stiff and reserved at the start, but it turned out to be really fun party. We did get good friends. Especially Mr or Ms Hidamari No Tami and the Taco Bell Dog…


– You are so beautiful. Have you seen any of my movies? I’m a movie star: ”?Yo Quiero Taco Bell¿”


Usaji did get rather tipsy, but never rude.

Welome Mr or Ms Hidamari No Tami!


  1. L.

    Naaaaaahhhhhh! Cuteness overload! : )

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